Lisle Elementary School

The logistics of Architectural Photography are an interesting mix of sequencing shots due to lighting and angle of views. For this sunset we had two cameras set up; A Canon 5dMk IV with a 24mm Tilt-Shift lens inside, and one 5dM IV with a 17mm Tilt-shift lens positioned outside. We could operate both cameras independantly and remotely, otherwise we would have had to be in the shot of the other one. However, we decided we should get a "selfie" photo as we set up Camera 2 which is on the front of this site.

Photographing the architecture inside of a school while it is in session is quite challenging, but with a scouting trip and consultations with the staff and maintenance department regarding timing we were able to work through any problems. Sometimes Architects want people in their photos, to show the use of the space, but since these photos were really product shots of the architectural ceiling we did not have to include kids.

School District | Lisle Elementary

Building Architect | Perkins & Will

Ceiling manufacturer | CertainTeed