about the principal Photographer

perspectives from award-winning photographer Mark Bealer

Photography found me, I didn’t find photography, and it has held me accountable. The difficulty can be the distraction all of the joys inside the medium bring. 

I wasn’t always an architectural photographer, although I can say structure in my framing, has followed through my career. I actually began photography as a storyteller in the field of photojournalism…a wannabe war-photographer, who thought the appropriate launch pad was a stint in the Army. I soon realized I wasn’t really up for the gruesomeness of war, but I still craved action. When I discharged I found action –or rather photography graciously presented me- with a life as a news-photographer at newspapers. I discovered action covering SWAT teams, fire departments, heroes and villains in court, and through this I became relevant, a solid part of a news team and I experienced a lot of exceptional variety in photography.

As photojournalism slowly became a buzzword designed to allow the onslaught of mediocre digital photographers to claim a style for their squalid candid pictures, and the news cycle focused on celebrity, I again began searching for adventure. I kicked up my feet and left the news world to go freelance/commercial. Now my "action" takes the form of logistics and details that go into multi-day commercial photo shoots. 

Furniture and interior design photography attracted me, to the point I actually took classes in residential and commercial interior design at a college where I taught photography courses. 

Mark's architectural photography has been published in Architectural Digest, Housetrends, Inspire magazine and Venue magazine. Additional clients include specialty trade magazines, building supplies catalogs and directly with architects.

Architectural photographer Studio 66 with camera

Going old school to remove glare from the tilt-shift lens.