Color in certain places has the great value of making the outlines and structural planes seem more energetic. ~Antoni Gaudi

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Mark Bealer and Vickie Daniels are co-owners of Studio 66 LLC, a Cincinnati-based architectural photography business. They bought a building, located near downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, that became their photo studio and centrally located meeting space. Mark is the principal Architectural Photographer, specializing in AERIAL CAMERA DRONEAIRPORT ARCHITECTURE, SPORTS FACILITIES ARCHITECTURE, CIVIC ARCHITECTURECORPORATE ARCHITECTUREEDUCATION ARCHITECTURELANDSCAPE and MIXED-USE ARCHITECTURE, while Vickie’s background is in Headshot and Portrait Photography. Each takes a lead role in their respective genre, while assisting and second shooting along with the other. It’s a unique fusion of the photography arts and styles that satisfies diverse photography clientele. Contact Us!

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We were photographing for a ceiling manufacturer at Kowalewski Hall in the University of Cincinnati campus. We were capturing the essence of the design and installation in a still photos, and having a little video fun with our new GoPro camera.

Mark & Vickie at the University of Cincinnati photographing architecture.

As a Cincinnati-based photographer of architecture, we make architectural photographs of airports, airport terminals and hubs, located in major cities of the United States, to help architects and designers win architectural design awards, document project completion and also market your abilities as a professional aviation architect.

Civic architectures and public spaces are vital and primary structuring elements in cities. Streets, squares, promenades, boulevards, public parks and gardens, buildings, like libraries, schools, city halls, hospitals… and public structures, like bridges, tunnels, market halls and pavilions… are all key civic architectures.

The role of architecture in the passenger journey may be summarized as taking a holistic view of the total passenger journey experience. High-quality architecture at airports interprets and curates the complex network of operational facilities, commercial spaces and sense of place requirements into a seamless experience.

These are some of the architectural photography categories we do. Interior, Aerial, Drone, Photographer, Photography, Cincinnati, Ohio, Commercial, Corporate, Interior, Exterior, Architectural, architecture, aerial, residential, healthcare, education, laboratory, aerial, entertainment venues, drone, laboratories, theater, transportation, office, headshot, portrait, portraiture, workplaces, advertising, civic, stadiums, sports architecture, retail, restaurant, airport, religious, museums, civic, engineering, construction, hospitality, Cincinnati, Headshot Photographer, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Columbus, Lexington, Louisville, Indianapolis. Cincinnati Architectural Photographer; does Corporate Architectural Photography