Color in certain places has the great value of making the outlines and structural planes seem more energetic. ~Antoni Gaudi

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Mark Bealer and Vickie Daniels are co-owners of Studio 66 LLC, a Cincinnati-based photography business. They bought a year 1903 building, located in the Reading Bridal District in Cincinnati, Ohio, to make a home as a photo studio and centrally located meeting space. Mark is the principal Architectural Photographer, while Vickie’s background is in Portrait photography and Weddings. Each takes a lead role in their respective genre, while assisting and second shooting along with the other. It’s a unique fusion of the photography arts and styles that satisfies diverse photography clientele. Contact Us!

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We were photographing for a ceiling manufacturer at Kowalewski Hall in the University of Cincinnati campus. We were capturing the essence of the design and installation in a still photos, and having a little video fun with our new GoPro camera.

Mark & Vickie at the University of Cincinnati photographing architecture.