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Pull the slider down to reveal the photo-finished product. Each photo on our website has been touched with love and finish toned into perfection for viewing.

POST-PRODUCTION and your image

If you have problems with your images such as windows that are overly bright or have a blue cast, yellowish dark interiors we can help you! Experience the difference and personal attention to detail you receive from Studio 66's photo editing by viewing this before and after slider. Quality photo-finishing is very important to the image and your brand. We shoot to deliver a complete file, and we plan for our post-production as we shoot architecture at your office or location.

There are 360 degrees, so why stick to one? ~Zaha Hadid

As a Cincinnati-based photographer of architecture, we make architectural photographs of many design and build projects, located in major cities of the United States, to help architects and designers win architectural design awards, document project completion and also market your abilities as a professional architect.

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