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Post-Production is important to photographers, and to you as a client too, as it keeps us both looking great! As I was experimenting with some new Photoshop tools I thought I should share the difference a half hour to an hour of Post-production can accomplish. It makes a good statement as to the why a client wouldn't really want to request the "RAW" files. Number one, we shoot to deliver a complete file, so the RAW file is not event the complete file. We could make up to 20-30 photos to deliver the final gorgeous file that you would receive, and all of that takes planning at the shoot. So even if you were to receive all 20 of the RAW photos, you still wouldn't have the understanding of what the photographer was thinking during the creation process.

Aerial Photography adventures!

Flying over furniture, through rooms and up a staircase to another floor level is just a few of the things you can do with a drone inside your store. Seek out Studio 66, Cincinnati based Commercial and Portrait photography studio, for your Aerial/Drone Photography and Videography needs.

As Aerial Photography becomes more in demand, we made Studio 66 more capable than ever to help companies brand themselves through our DRONE videos. Company owner, Mark became 14CFR Part 107 Certified with the FAA to fly commercial photography and other missions for customers.

This "selfie" photo was taken by our Drone, with the onboard Hasselblad camera, as it flew past the monitor we use for the client to view live-flight videos. We were on a mission to create videos inside Furniture Fair doing aerial flyovers of their bedroom sets, dining room sets, recliners and more!

We've been busy...

We are over the top excited to share we have made a nice splash in the following layouts with our photography! Our photos appeared in the latest CertainTeed Architectural LookBook, after a year of design and planning by the CertainTeed Marketing team! Multiple photo shoots over the last couple of years have yielded so much variety and Studio 66 is genuinely happy to have played a part in creating content for this amazing design, with great photo play. Cheers, and let's do it again!

Kind words from the client

Our individual blog posts discuss the photo shoots, and some of what we go through, but we love to hear our clients say nice things about the work we put into a single shoot!

"We're very pleased with how you've depicted our ceilings at this facility. We deeply appreciate how much effort you exerted to stage the furniture and eliminate price tags. The colors & lighting look great and you've really helped our products to shine! Thanks for all you do!" ~Athelia | Pricing, Marketing, Standards

We're excited to bring Aerial Drone photography to our business as a way to serve you with additional photography options.

There are 360 degrees, so why stick to one? ~Zaha Hadid