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new center of gravity

When the year 2020 began, I had just finished our new website and proclaimed it to be my year for perfecting creative vision! Little did I know that within 3 months I would be sent into a 9-month Sabbatical due to shutdowns, and businesses not able to function let alone hire photography.

We were fortunate to be well positioned at the outset, and we did not have a lot of overhead that would gobble up our liquidity. We certainly trimmed off what we needed to for survival, and although now it's December and we are rolling into the Holiday Season where there is less work, I sense a new year will be a new dawn.

So with a renewed sense of purpose Studio 66 is again positioning itself for what we hope will be an exciting and work-filled 2021! I'll become an FAA Certified UAS pilot, so I'll be able to handle your Drone photography and video needs. Our individual training has increased to include advanced Photoshop and Video editing, and we will be able to support commercial photography needs in so many new ways!

You will still need photography to shine the best light on your business, so don't hesitate to call on us today!