Former Quicken Loans Arena*

Sneak a peak at some awe inspiring photographs from a recent ceiling-photography assignment Studio 66 completed at a Cleveland arena. 

It starts with our Aerial/Drone view of the exterior. The custom manufactured curved beams are from CertainTeed Architectural and were installed in the entryway through which fans will enter the arena on game days. You will see a progression of my images which start with a distant shot and take you through the portal of curved beams and then turn 180 degrees from inside looking out.

Other ceilings are perforated metal panels in the E series, used in the Box Office and Cliffs areas and many other places fans will gather or pass through. 

The locker rooms were finished in a product named HeartFelt, but they were being used as storage while I was there so unfortunately I couldn’t get any photos.

Behind the glass face of the new steel structure is a dramatic feature you‘ll see, in some of the photos. It’s a custom aluminum and steel interior metal “curtain” wall, that covers a surface area of 65,000 square feet at 80 feet tall and 840 feet long. Almost resembling medieval chain mail or dragon scales, this curtain wall covers several floors of offices and lounges among other areas. 

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Associate Architect


Concept Design


General Contractor:



EVENTSCAPE (feature wall engineering and fabrication)

Custom Curved Beams, Torsion Spring and Deep Box



STUDIO 66 Mark Bealer

* Due to an agreement for access, all signage and reference to the arena, or the sports teams had to be removed.